Software Update: DBeaver 22.1.3

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Version 22.1.3 of DBeaver has been released as a successor to 22.0.5. Databases can be managed with this program. Among other things, it can run queries and display, filter and edit data. Support for the well-known databases, such as MySQL, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Firebird and SQLite, is available. It is available in an open source CE version and three different commercial ones versions. This adds support for various nosql databases, such as MongoDB, Apache Cassandra and Apache Hive, and additional plug-ins and jdbc drivers. The changelog since version 22.1.0 looks like this:

Changes in DBeaver version 22.1.3

  • sql editor:
    • Autocomplete of variables with prefix @ was fixed
    • Problem with columns aliases in grouping panel was resolved
    • SQL console text now can be saved as project script
  • data editor:
    • Collection string representation was improved
    • Problem with data read performance was fixed
  • Data transfers:
    • Target table properties (such as engine, charset, etc) were added in import wizard
    • CSV import was fixed for files with invalid value quotation
    • Import from string to geometry columns was fixed
  • Issue in full text search wizard (NullPointer) was resolved
  • General UI: tab quick search was improved (find by substring, fuzzy search)
  • Connections: multiple connection mode was disabled for non-relational databases
  • Azure SQL: driver version was upgraded, problem with auth token refresh was resolved
  • Clickhouse:
    • Table engine and engine parameters (editable) were added to table properties
    • View code editor was fixed
  • DB2: dependent views can be excluded from table DDL
  • Oracle:
    • DDL tab was added tp scheduler jobs
    • New table column properties was fixed
  • Issue with Debian installer was resolved (configuration files mark removed)

Changes in DBeaver version 22.1.2

  • data editor:
    • Arrays and structure data types visualization was fixed and improved
    • Console-like query results viewer was added
    • Support of column aliases in aggregate panel was fixed
    • Dictionary panel now supports pagination
    • Pinned columns scrolling was fixed (thanks to @troizet)
    • Binary/hex data viewer was fixed (crash on MacOS)
    • Major memory leaks in string editor panel were eliminated
  • sql editor:
    • Parameter binding for DDL queries was fixed
    • Query error highlighting was improved (+now it can be disabled)
    • Query formatter was fixed (for identifiers starting from digit)
    • Compact formatter was improved
    • Issue with auto-completion of materialized view create/alter queries was fixed
  • Data transfers:
    • Target file name generation for custom SQL queries was fixed
    • Settings save/load was fixed for saved tasks
  • General improvements:
    • Dummy error messages after saving preferences were eliminated
    • UI was improved for non-applicable columns in metadata editor
    • Issue with main window minimize was fixed on MacOS
    • Many minor ui bugs were fixed
  • Clickhouse: issue with data editor was fixed
  • CocoroachDB: sequences support was added
  • H2: schema sequences read was fixed
  • Hive: view source editor was fixed (issue with semicolon)
  • Kylin: dialect support was improved
  • MySQL, MariaDB: privilege editor UI was improved
  • Oracle: VARCHAR2 is now the default string data type
  • PostgreSQL: database refresh was fixed (issue with active schema mark)
  • Snowflake: issue with BEGIN TRANSACTION query execute was fixed
  • SQLServer:
    • Table DDL: issue with duplicated index declaration was fixed
    • Issue with GO delimiter evaluation was fixed (also for Sybase)
    • Database name proposal was fixed
    • Execution plan visualization was fixed

Changes in DBeaver version 22.1.1

  • data viewer:
    • Arrays and multi-row data types visualization was added (beta version)
    • Excel like behavior for inline editor was added (shift row down, configurable)
    • Bug in grouping panel was fixed (“duplicates only” option)
    • Inconsistency of NULL value representation in calendar edit control was fixed
    • Bug with inline editor activation with double-click was fixed (gtk)
    • Bug with inline editor deactivation with single-click was fixed (macos)
  • Data transfers:
    • Export with “selected columns only” was fixed (wrong column mapping)
    • Target DDL generator now checks for existing non-table objects
    • Export in SQL INSERT format now uses proper table name for complex custom tables
    • Header configuration for CSV and TXT formats was added
    • Problem with super-long CSV files import was fixed (row number visualization)
  • sql editor:
    • Generate DDL from resultset command was added
    • Re-execute queries from execution log was supported
    • Schema selector was fixed for databases which don’t support schema change (Sybase, SQL Server)
  • tasks:
    • Nested task folder support was added
    • Folder rename support was added
    • SQL script execute task was fixed (NullPointer error)
  • Connections: new connection name pattern now can be customized
  • SSH configuration page now has scrollbars on small monitors
  • Database full text search: page UI was improved, long lists paging was added
  • Metadata editor: columns auto-size command was added to the context menu
  • General UI: project configuration load visualization was added
  • Clickhouse: enum data types support was added
  • Derby: default driver version was set to 10.15 (to avoid Java version problems)
  • netezza:
    • Default catalog selection was fixed
    • Old drivers support was added (thanks to @rosspb3)
  • PostgreSQL:
    • Constraints information pre-read option was added
    • Enum columns edit support was fixed
    • Representation of arrays with NULL elements was fixed
  • SQLite: view text edit support was added
  • SQLServer:
    • DDL for nchar and nvarchar columns was fixed (incorrect length)
    • Columns with aliases now can be edited
  • Trino: multi-row insert support was added

Version number 22.1.3
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website DBeaver
License type Prerequisites (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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