Software Update: Darktable 3.4.1

Version 3.4.1 of Darktable has been released. Darktable is an open source raw photo editing program, a virtual light box and darkroom for photo editing. It manages digital negatives through a database. The raw photo files are developed by means of so-called sidecar files, where the photos are processed in a non-destructive manner. The software is available for various Linux distributions, macOS and Windows. The complete release notes can here are found, these are the main changes made in this release:

New Features And Changes

  • Faster thumbnail generation during import.
  • Some minor CSS improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Fix color correction RGB handling and saturation normalization.
  • Fix smooth scrolling on macOS.
  • Fix Lr metadata import, this is done only if no other XMP present.
  • Fix metadata export which must be done only if the corresponding setting is activated.
  • Fix combo box popup scrolling.
  • Properly restore collection hint messages when needed.
  • Fix stars display in overlay.
  • Fix black point setting when dragging the histogram.
  • Fix help links for technical group module.
  • Properly discriminate cameras with the same prefix in collect module.
  • Fix bold rendering on Windows (for selected presets for example).
  • Fix support of Windows PATH to configuration and libraries when the path name contains non ASCII characters.
  • Properly hide the selected tag tick when a tag is not selected anymore.
  • Fix search on collect module for multiple filename separated with coma.
  • Fix size of clipping handle when preview down-sampling is activated.
  • Fix metadata comment reading from exif.
  • Fix a case where the thumbnail could be out of synchronization with the darkroom edit.
  • Never show filmstrip cursor on selected image on other views.
  • Skip possible null dates on the collect module which could then crash darktable.
  • Fix waveform histogram rendering on MacOS.
  • Fix some memory leaks.

Version number3.4.1
Release statusFinal
Operating systemsWindows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Websitedark table
License typeGPL