Software Update: Bolt 3.6.1

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Version 3.6 of Bolt has been released. Bolt is an open source content management system and is in some ways comparable to programs such as WordPress and Drupal. Bolt is easy to use, for both installation and management, has several good looking templates that work with Twig are customizable, and is optimized for both desktop and mobile environments. Recently there is also a website where Bolt themes live to try out and also a site with an overview of all available extensions. The most important improvements in this release are listed below.

Bolt 3.6.1 released

We’ve just released Bolt 3.6.0 as a maintenance release with fixes and new features for all current Bolt 3.x websites. If you might’ve read we are busy working on bolt 4but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop maintaining and updating Bolt 3.x for the foreseeable future.

This release contains a number of ‘under the hood’ improvements, as well as two more “visible” new features:

“Timed publish” improvements

We’ve added a new, finer-grained cron option, allowing you to time the publication of new posts and pages to the minute. If you set up the Task Scheduler as documented, you should be good to go.

Collapsing Repeaters and Blocks

When you collapse a Repeater or Block field, the bar will show an excerpt from the first text field. Additionally, you can now re-order the sets inside Repeaters and Blocks by drag’n’drop.

You can now also make them more easily recognizable by assigning icons to them:

The full list of changes can be found in the changelog.

Version number 3.6.1
Release status Final
Operating systems script language
Website Bolt
License type GPL
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