Uber-izing the world, Uber Works mainly because it can

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Uber anyone who travels a lot can hardly live without. Wherever you are, it seems that there is always a Uber taxi in the area. You hardly ever have to wait long, the costs are clear and often lower, you know exactly what you have to pay and you do not need cash. And perhaps the most important one: Uber is safe because drivers and travelers can approve each other beforehand.

Uber is also controversial because not everyone in the taxi industry – including governments – is always happy with this form of competition. It is exactly that reason that we do not yet encounter Uber everywhere. Incidentally, there are now enough places on this planet where local clones play the same game. The most important tool is the app that is inextricably linked to the operation of Uber.

Uber Works

What you can set up for a taxi, you can also use for other services. According to a report in The Financial Times Uber is actually working on models to offer short-term work in the same way as this happens when driving a taxi. The service would be called Uber Works. Jobs that are thought of are catering staff and security. And why not? If the rating works and you know who gets you in, that can work fine. Even though temporary employment agencies and the employment office will undoubtedly respond to the new plan.


Nevertheless, Uber-izing is not the worst model. A cleaner, a gardener, the window cleaner, everything is possible. Provided it is properly controlled and executed, it is a transparent system for temporarily hiring people. The counterforce is the criticism of Uber because, according to many critics, people are being exploited too much. Labor activists also have serious doubts in this model about the rights of employees. They too have a point. Yet labor law will also change in a modern sharing economy. Why would you want to work for a boss anyway? Working for multiple clients can be at least as fun. Just as it offers opportunities for companies for a more flexible working climate.

I realize that many people are going to stand on the benches again. In times of disruption and robotics, however, we will have to look at new possibilities and then this ‘uberizen’ is just a model that might work.

Stock exchange

After pilots with the food delivery service Uber Eats and Uber Freights (freight transport), Uber himself has another motivation for Uber Works. With this expansion of their services, the value of Uber could go up considerably and that is against the light that the company is preparing for an IPO in 2019 a logical step.

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