Software Update: Axigen Mail Server 8.1.1

Axigen Mail Server is a mail server with groupware functionality for better collaboration. In addition to e-mail, think of a calendar, to-do lists and notes that are available via both the web interface and the Outlook connector. The package runs on various platforms, such as Linux, Solaris, BSD and Windows. It also includes a command-line interface for automating various tasks, such as backups, user creation and deletion, and mailing list management. The developers released version 8.1.1 few days ago with the following announcement:

New AXIGEN Mail Server 8.1.1 Released

We are proud to announce you that we have released a new patch version, Axigen 8.1.1.

The new version brings several useful enhancements, such as a new way to setup a cluster of Axigen servers, advanced policies of acceptance and distribution of the email messages applied for the email groups and a higher degree of flexibility and usability for the delegation of the administrative operations.

Additionally, this version contributes significantly to the increase of the robustness of our product, by providing fixes for more than 80 reported issues related to Axigen server, Webmail interface and Outlook Connector.

To see all that is included in Axigen 8.1.1, please consult the detailed list below.

As always, you can begin the upgrade to the version 8.1.1 of the Axigen server and Outlook Connector by visiting the Downloads Area on our website and downloading the desired product kits.

Please note that, according to our technical support policy, only the current major Axigen version and the one preceding it are supported (ie at this moment, only the 8.1.x and 8.0.3 product versions are eligible for receiving technical assistance).

Should you like more information about the Axigen 8.1.1 release, or should you be interested in other types of license upgrades or renewals, please feel free to get in touch with us at anytime or contact an Axigen local partner.

Vriendelijke groeten,
The Axigen Team


    • In a cluster, routing of the connections and the requests for all services is possible now without using user-maps, because front-end and back-end servers can detect where the defined domains and accounts are located in the back-end tier. This is done by using a cluster-specific mode of the CLI service running on all servers. This way a cluster with a specific description placed in the axigen.cfg file can work autonomously, without the need of any LDAP service. Using this mechanism authentication performed in front-end tier is possible as well.
    • GROUPS: Permissions can be set for the members of a group to be allowed to send messages using the email address of the group as the originator’s address.
    • GROUPS: For a specific group, two new important settings can be configured only from CLI: who is allowed to send messages to the group and who will receive messages sent to the address of the group. For these settings it is possible to apply options like: members of the group, nobody, any user defined in the same domain, server or cluster. Using these settings, flexible rules of message acceptance and distribution can be defined.
    • FILTERS: Domain-level and user-level Sieve filters are now kept in the domain storage instead of the file-system and they are available for the integrated backup / restore operations.
    • ADMIN-ACL: More granular administrative permissions have been introduced; with these permissions it is possible to define a more refined and controllable delegation of the administrative operations.
    • ADMIN-LIMITS: New parameters have been introduced in the Domain Admin Limits in order to manage the limitation of Premium Add-ons available at domain-level.
  • CLI:
    • The “Import Contacts” capability available to a user from the Ajax-Webmail interface is now available to an administrator through the CLI service in order to help a user keep his contacts from a legacy system.
  • LOG:
    • Tracking of the email messages exchanged through SMTP service between the servers of a cluster is possible by inspecting the value of Message-ID header reported in the log files.
    • Tracking of the email messages redirected by Sieve filters is possible by inspecting the relevant records in the log files corresponding to redirect operations.
    • In order to prevent unnecessary NDRs, the en-queue operation of the received messages can be slightly delayed to perform full recipient validation for the messages.
    • In a user-map-free cluster of servers, the Domain Message Appender can now be used with the intended results.

Supported Platforms Updates

    • support introduced for Solaris 10 on Intel x64 architecture
    • support discontinued for Solaris 10 on Intel i386 architecture

Server Bug Fixes

  • AJAX WEBMAIL: Alias ​​auto-completion in the “From:” field does not work
  • AJAX WEBMAIL: In case of Russian localization, incorrect email address of the sender placed in a reply message
  • STORAGE: In certain cases, some operations lead to unjustified increase of the storage size
  • ACTIVESYNC: A recurrent event updated from an iPhone becomes invisible
  • STORAGE: A storage leak present in the process of storing data in the message storage units
  • ACTIVESYNC: Deleted contacts are not synchronized on the Android devices
  • ACTIVESYNC: Accepted meeting invites not seen as accepted on the iOS devices
  • ACTIVESYNC: Task completion is not synchronized in the Reminder app on iOS devices
  • SECURITY: SSL/TLS renegotiation DoS
  • ADMINISTRATION: Upgrade of Outlook Connector fails because of missing upgrade directory
  • SERVER: Deadlock encountered sometimes because of an issue in the SSL/TLS library
  • SERVER: License expiry date is not recognized correctly if negative timezone offset is set on the server
  • ACTIVESYNC: In certain situations calendar events deleted from Webmail interface are not synchronized on mobile devices
  • ACTIVESYNC: Failure in synchronizing a certain type of messages stored in the Inbox folder
  • WEBADMIN: Reordering of filters does not work for the account filters
  • PHP API: The method “configWebmailData” of the “User” class does not return an object
  • BACKUP: An error is given when listing an (IMAP) non-selectable folder from the FTP-BACKUP service
  • IMAP: A typo detected in the name of folder flags
  • ADMINISTRATION/UPGRADE: On Windows systems, the license file for Kaspersky AV/AS is incorrectly replaced at server upgrade
  • STORAGE: Storage corruption occurred sometimes because of improper handling of file descriptors within the FUSE library
  • CALENDAR: Crash occurred when handling certain calendar events
  • AJAX WEBMAIL: The full name of the contact is not displayed in certain situations
  • SERVER: Crash encountered sometimes when using the GSSAPI authentication
  • CALENDAR: Some meeting requests received from Gmail trigger email reminders at every minute
  • AJAX WEBMAIL: Improper order of First / Middle / Last Names for the Russian localization
  • SERVER: Values ​​pasted into a quota limit notification message for some placeholders are incorrect
  • AJAX-WEBMAIL: In a contact folder, when selecting only contacts for view it is not displayed the entire list of contacts
  • ACTIVESYNC: When synchronizing a calendar folder containing many events, the sync response takes too long
  • MAILING-LISTS: Automatic subscription of a user is done using an incorrect user name
  • ACTIVESYNC: Message flags are not synchronized with iOS devices
  • REPORTING: If invalid samples existing in a “reporting.dat” file, reporting charts are not displayed
  • WEBMAIL: Messages stored in the “Sent” folder after being sent from Webmail interface are incompletely retrieved through IMAP
  • AJAX WEBMAIL: In certain situation address in the “Cc:” field are not displayed
  • WEBADMIN: FQDN hostnames containing more then 4 labels can not be set as smart hosts for routing emails
  • AJAX WEBMAIL: Recipient’s details (email address and user name) are not displayed at hover for “Cc:” recipients
  • AJAX-WEBMAIL: Meeting requests sent from Webmail interface are not interpreted correctly by MS OWA
  • SMTP: Outgoing connection timeout is not applied according to the value set in SMTP Filters
  • WEBMAIL: Sometimes attachments of the messages get corrupted after sending
  • SMTP: SPF check fails for IPv6 addresses
  • AJAX WEBMAIL: Search between contacts is case sensitive for Russian localization
  • CALENDAR: Reminders set from Lightning at the event start time are deleted after iCal synchronization
  • ACTIVESYNC: Crash encountered during a certain synchronization process
  • SERVER: Crash encountered on 64bit FreeBSD when performing some administration actions
  • CALENDAR: Meeting requests sent from Outlook on Mac are not recognized properly in Webmail interface
  • PHP API: The function “fileSystemMount” does not call the proper CLI command
  • AJAX WEBMAIL: The inline images from an email message received from Yahoo! Mail are not displayed
  • RPOP: retrieval timeout is too short for some situations
  • CALENDAR: An error occurs when trying to open a certain event
  • USERDB: Improper error message given when authentication in Active Directory is used but it is disabled at domain-level
  • DOMAINS: Loading of a domain is delayed unjustifiably if LDAP synchronization is enabled but the LDAP service is not available
  • DOMAINS: Account-level message sending limits are not enforced correctly
  • FILTERS: A crash occurred sometimes when applying filters to email messages
  • FILTERS: Some user-defined filters based on the email date field does not work properly
  • MIGRATION: The accounts for which migration has failed are not deleted
  • PROCESSING: In certain situation of processing timeout expiry, messages in the queue are multiplying
  • DOMAINS: Infrequent error when trying to create an account
  • SMTP: In certain situation SMTP incoming service hangs after “MAIL FROM:” command
  • LDAP-SYNC: Groups lose some of their members after an A2L synchronization
  • WEBADMIN: If a long blacklist is defined the “Add” button below it is no longer displayed
  • LDAP-SYNC: Synchronization of an account fails if special characters are used in the phone number fields
  • PROXY: Memory leak detected when a SSL connection is made to a back-end server
  • PROCESSING: Message sending retry period not applied according to the configured values
  • SNMP: Walk operation fails if server’s uptime becomes is too long
  • DOMAINS: Password expiration does not work properly for SMTP and POP3 services
  • SERVER: Crash encountered after an upgrade operation on Windows 64-bit platforms
  • FILTERS: Crash caused by a badly formatted email address in SIEVE filter

Outlook Connector Bug Fixes

  • Crash detected for Outlook 2003 because of an issue in the Windows SDK
  • Repeated save of composed messages in the Draft folder fails
  • The properties of the Axigen root folder are not displayed if Groupware add-on is not available
  • If an email message is modified from Outlook, the Date header is modified as well
  • The window of a task reminder is not closed if the reminder is postponed
  • When synchronizing an email with a large text body, Outlook keep disconnecting from the server
  • The messages deleted in the offline mode does not disappear until the current folder is changed
  • Reply-all operated on a message received on an alias address sends the reply message to the sender as well
  • In certain situations the synchronization process stops and Outlook hangs on close
  • In specific situations message attachments or messages are not save to Drafts
  • Outlook crashes when clicking on a “mailto:” link from a web page if Outlook is not already started
  • Wrong contact detail value for the field date of birth
  • Error occurs in certain situations when trying to send a document from its right-click contextual menu
  • In certain situations a new contact can not be created in a Public Folder

Version number 8.1.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012
Website Axigen
License type Freeware/Paid