Software Update: ATiTool 0.25 beta 9

Version 0.25 beta 9 of ATiTool has just been released on the techPowerUp forum. This small but powerful tweak program is intended to get the most out of your ATi Radeon video card. ATiTool has the ability to automatically find the highest possible overclock by continuously scanning for artifacts in a Direct3D window as the card is set to an increasingly higher clock frequency. In addition, it is also possible to save different profiles and load them during Windows startup. Below are all the changes made in the last two versions:

Changes in 0.25 beta 9:

  • Added overclocking for X1000 series
  • Added monitoring and fan control for X1000 series
  • Added VGPU, MDDDC, MVDDQ voltage control for X1800 (yes it only works on X1800 and is not possible on other cards)
  • Improvements to hotkey detection code
  • Fixed BIOS dump on some 6800LE NVIDIA cards
  • Added switch for Adaptive Anti-Aliasing
  • Added current draw monitoring for X1800
  • Artifact scanning on X1000 series might not be 100% reliable yet

Changes in 0.25 beta 8:

  • Fix for “Kernel mode driver is not running” under Win2k
  • Fixed 2D/3D clocks not getting properly saved into profile
  • Current Clocks readout refreshes every second if ATITool is the active window, 5 seconds if not active
  • Editing the text boxes above the sliders enabled “Set Clock” button
  • Added monitoring for M28
  • Fan control fixed working on ASUS, dynamic still not right


Version number 0.25beta 9
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website techPowerUp
File size


License type Freeware