Software Update: Apple Safari Technology Preview Release 26

Apple has released a new version of the Technology Preview of its Safari web browser. The version number is pinned to release 26 and includes the changes made in the WebKit revisions 213542-213822 are made. These include improvements for Rendering, Web Inspector, WebDriver and WebCrypto. In the experimental features menu is also a WebGPU prototype added. The list of changes in this release is as follows:

Release 26


  • Added WebGPU prototype in the Experimental Features menu


  • Added support for history.scrollRestoration
  • Aligned Document.elementFromPoint() with the CSSOM specification
  • Changed the parameter to input.setCustomValidity() to not be nullable
  • Fixed transitions and animations of background-position with right-relative and bottom-relative values
  • Fixed an issue where WebSQL directories were not removed when removing website data
  • Made the XMLHttpRequest method setRequestHeader() use “,” (including a space) as the separator
  • Prevented displaying the label of anelement in quirks mode
  • Prevented additional downloads or preloaded CSS
  • Dropped support for non-standard document.all.tags()


  • Implemented stroke width CSS property


  • Enabled asynchronous image decoding for large images
  • Fixed memory estimate for layers supporting subpixel-antialised text
  • Fixed columns getting clipped horizontally in CSS Multicolumn

Web Inspector

  • Added XHR breakpoints UI
  • Added DOM breakpoints UI for node and subtree modification events
  • Added a “Create Breakpoint” context menu item for linked source locations
  • Added settings for controlling Styles sidebar intelligence
  • Added cache source information (Memory Cache or Disk Cache) in the Network tab
  • Added protocol, remote address, priority, and connection ID in the Network tab
  • Added individual messages to the content pane for a WebSocket
  • Fixed an issue where the DOM tree is broken if an element has a debounce attribute
  • Fixed an issue in the Resources tab navigation bar allowing the same file from a contextual menu item to be saved more than once
  • Improved the layout of the compositing reasons in the Layers sidebar popover


  • Fixed an issue where automation commands hang making it impossible to navigate back or forward


  • Implemented ECDH ImportKey and ExportKey operations

Version number TP release 26
Release status beta
Operating systems macOS
Website apple
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)