Software Update: Apple QuickTime 7.0.4 build 80

After his keynote at MacWorld, Apple has released a new version of QuickTime, namely 7.0.4. QuickTime is Apple’s media player and can various audio and media files play. The program is included as standard with the Mac OS X operating system, but is also being made available for the Windows platform. This new-fangled version of the program can be downloaded for Mac OS X yourself, but also for Windows. In QuickTime 7.0.4 a number of changes have been made including the support of iLife ’06. In addition, performance tweaks have been made to it the h.264 handling and eight critical software bug fixes. A detailed overview of the changes in QuickTime 7.04 build 80 and the paid Pro variant is posted below:

What’s New in QuickTime 7.0.4

    QuickTime 7.0.4 is an important release that delivers numerous bug fixes and H.264 performance improvements. This update is highly recommended for all QuickTime 7 users.

New in QuickTime 7 Player

  • H.264 video support. Watch movies created with this state-of-the-art, standards-based codec which delivers exceptional-quality video at the lowest data rate possible.
  • live resize. Playback continues smoothly as you change the size of the QuickTime Player window.
  • Zero configuration streaming. Now QuickTime automatically determines the best Internet connection speed for your computer and adjusts it as necessary. And if a connection is lost during streaming, QuickTime automatically reconnects to the server.
  • surround sound. QuickTime Player can now play up to 24 channels of audio. With QuickTime 7, your PC, and surround speakers, you can enjoy the full effect of your surround sound movie or game.
  • New and improved playback controls. Use new playback controls to adjust settings for the best viewing experience. Easily change settings including jog shuttle, playback speed, bass, treble, and balance.
  • All new content guide. The new QuickTime Content Guide provides access to the latest in entertainment on the Internet.

New in QuickTime 7 Pro

  • Create H.264 video. Create incredible-looking video for any use, from 3G (for mobile devices) to HD (high definition) and everything in between.
  • Record audio. Capture audio for easy podcast creation or slideshow narration.
  • Create video for iPod. QuickTime Pro allows you to easily convert your existing movie collection or video podcast into a format that can be played back on iPod.
  • Create surround audio. Create a rich multimedia experience by adding multichannel audio to your movie. QuickTime automatically mixes the audio to work with the speaker setup of each user.
  • Floating controls. Easily access functions like pause, play, fast-forward, and rewind while watching full-screen movies.
  • Background exporting. Export your movie in the background and continue with your next playback or editing task.
  • Improved movie authoring. Editing tasks are much easier with new hot keys for in and out points. In addition, Movie Properties has been completely redesigned to facilitate simple and efficient movie authoring.
  • AAC constant quality mode. In addition to the existing constant bit rate mode, QuickTime 7 Pro allows you to create AAC audio files optimized for constant quality for a consistently high-quality listening experience.
  • 3G streaming. Create 3G files for RTSP streaming that are interoperable with 3G streaming handsets and delivery architectures.
  • Automate with VB Script. Automate your QuickTime workflow with native VB Script support in QuickTime 7. Developers can also use VB Script to access the new QuickTime Active X control for creating custom multimedia applications.

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Version number 7.0.4 build 80
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, macOS
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