Software Update: Adobe Flash Player & AIR

Adobe has released version 25 of Flash Player and the Integrated Runtime. This browser plugin makes it possible to play Flash content, including so-called rich Internet applications and streaming audio and video. Flash Player is built into Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, for other browsers it will have to be installed separately. The use has been on the decline for a while in favor of html5 and more and more browsers require an extra mouse click to still play Flash content. The release notes for this release can be found below.

New Features

  • iOS SDK Upgrade
    The AIR Runtime is now built with the iOS 10 SDK, which enables AIR developers to use ANEs built with iOS 10 APIs without using the –platformSDK switch while packaging with ADT.
  • AS3 API to get Compilation Information for iOS
    AIR 22 had significant changes to the Android Video pipeline. For more information, see the Release Notes for that release. If your application is facing issues because of these changes, starting AIR 25, you can fallback to the older video pipeline using a new tag named in the application descriptor to enable/disable MediaCodec for Android. When setting this flag as true MediaCodec is disabled and video is decoded using OpenMax AL just like in AIR 21. The default value for this tag is false.
  • Local Storage Support in StageWebView for Android
    Starting with AIR 25 (with swf version 36 and above) we have introduced a new API for ActionScript developers to determine if their application is running with the compiled runtime or interpreted runtime. The new API “isCompiledAOT” has been added to the NativeApplication class.
  • Adding support for new languages ​​in AIR Mobile
    Starting in AIR 25, we have added support for the following languages:
    • danish (da)
    • Norwegian (nb)
    • Hebrew (iv)
  • Multidex support for Android
    Starting in AIR 25, MultiDex support is available for Android. Through MultiDexing, developers can package apps that exceed the 64K references limit. Usually, the 64K references limit is reached when ANEs contain many methods.
  • Offset support for drawToBitmapData()
    Beginning in AIR 25, capturing current buffer data of the back render buffer through drawToBitmapData() allows offsets for capturing a target rectangle from buffer instead of complete buffer.
  • Instanced Drawing on AIR Desktop
    Instanced drawing feature which was available for AIR Mobile is now available in AIR Desktop. This feature helps developers to use a model of graphical object and render it multiple times in a single frame. This reduces draw calls and hence rendering and overall performance is smoother.
  • Separate HTTP and HTTPS permissions for Camera and Microphone
    With Flash Player 24 release, we provided users with a fine-grained control over how permissions are granted for their camera and microphone data. These settings are visible in the Global Settings Manager and Native Control Panel for Mac and Windows. With the latest update, users can customize these settings from the Native Control Panel for both HTTP and HTTPS on Linux too.

Fixed Issues
Flash Player

  • Pressing Space bar in the Text Field makes the app behave abnormally.( FP-4198253)
  • Flash Player quits unexpectedly(FP-4198250)
  • Wacom tablet click inputs doesn’t work with latest chrome version 55 (FLASH-4187112)
  • Unresponsive behavior is observed for microphone on Windows 10/FireFox (FP-4061929)
  • [Windows 10] Movie reload or restart playing when user clicks “SPACE” key. (FP-4198252)
  • Multiple security and functional fixes


  • [Android] Allocations made by async texture upload are not freed up after multiple asynchronous uploads(AIR-4198245)
  • [Android] Framerate of application is very low in PowerVR GPU while using renderMode as GPU(AIR-4174521).
  • Unable to install the application on iOS Simulator(AIR-4198023)
  • TEXTURE_READY event is dispatched very soon when uploading the RectangleTexture repeatedly(AIR-4198247)
  • [iOS]Starling apps using starling.image.mask quits unexpectedly on low-end devices(4187140)
  • [MAC] Adobe AIR_64 Helper and ExtendedAppEntryTemplate64 creates problems while codesigning MAC Captive App.(AIR-4189809)
  • Starling does not display any content on Integrated GPU Intel HD Graphics with AIR 24 (AIR-4198176, AIR-4198227)
  • flash.ui.GameInput fires DEVICE_ADDED / DEVICE_REMOVED events in an endless loop (AIR-4198163)

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, macOS, Windows Vista, iOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Adobe
License type Freeware