Software Update: Adobe Flash Player & AIR

Adobe has released version 14 of Flash Player and the Integrated Runtime. With Adobe Flash Player it is possible to play Flash content, mainly swf files, on the computer. Popular video sites such as YouTube and Google Video, among others, offer their visitors the opportunity to play videos with the stand-alone Flash Player. Adobe AIR provides a cross-platform environment for developing and playing so-called Rich Internet Applications. The release notes for this release can be found below.

New Features

  • AnisotropicFiltering
    This new texture sampling filter can enhance the image quality of textures on surfaces that are at oblique viewing angles. There are two ways to enable this feature:
    In AGAL, ​​set one of the values ​​– “anisotropic2x”, “anisotropic4x”, “anisotropic8x”, or “anisotropic16x” to the filter option in the sampling instructions.
    Call Context3D::setSamplerStateAt with the 3rd parameter “filter” being one of the values ​​defined in Context3DTextureFilter – “ANISOTROPIC2X”, “ANISOTROPIC4X”, “ANISOTROPIC8X”, or “ANISOTROPIC16X”
  • New Stage3D “Standard” Profile
    Developers can now request this high level profile when creating Context3D. Three new features are available in this profile:
    Multiple render target allows to you to draw geometry to multiple outputs (up to 4) during one drawing
    Floating point texture allows you to create Texture, RectangleTexture and CubeTuxture with the RGBA16F folder.
    AGAL v2 contains these improvements:
    • Increased register size
    • partial derivative instructions
    • Fragment depth output
    • Conditional forward jump
  • Intel x86 Android Support
    As announced in our Flash Runtime blog, we’re adding support for Intel x86 Android to AIR. An ADT command line option (-arch) has been added to allow packaging apps with Android x86 support.
    Please note that currently only captive runtime packaging is allowed for x86 architecture. This means all APK targets (apk, apk-debug and apk-captive-runtime) will forcibly be packaged with captive runtime. Feedback on this approach is encouraged.
  • Improved Packaging Engine – iOS
    Based on the feedback recieved from the developer community, tons of improvements and bug fixes have been made in the new packaging engine for iOS. We encourage developers to report issues to, to ensure that we are able to continue to improve the packager in future releases.
  • AIR Gamepad
    AIR Gamepad feature enables the app developers to provide a second screen on Android mobile devices for the Flash based browser games. AIR Gamepad API enables Flash based browser apps to connect to a paired Android device running the AIR Runtime app and therefore allowing the Android devices to be used as game controllers or second-screen interfaces.

Fixed Issues

AIR Bugs

  • [IOS] Resolves an issue introduced in AIR ​​where DatagramSocket was not receiving packets (3747382)
  • [IOS] Values ​​are now set correctly when assigning Vector3D.Y_AXIS to a Vector3D object with -useLegacyAOT=no[Android] Browse file dialog called by FileReference.browse() is correctly displayed on the Nexus 7 and Xoom 4.1.2 (3721032)
  • [Android] is ignored for all but one extension when multiple extensions are used (3761458)
  • [x86][Android] Workers get terminated even without calling terminate function (3755006)
  • [Android] Setting the restrict property on a StageText instance and adding or removing text incorrectly add extra characters. (3749699)
  • [iOS] Values ​​are now set correctly when assigning Vector3D.Y_AXIS to a Vector3D object with useLegacyAOT=no (3744595)
  • [iOS] ANE doesn’t include libraries through platform.xml and throws error on packaging the IPA (3743946)
  • [iOS] DatagramSocket not receiving packets on iOS (3742982)
  • [iOS] Not able to debug/launch iPad iOS Simulator from Flash Builder. Note: One needs to set a environment variable using the command: launchctl setenv AIR_IOS_SIMULATOR_DEVICE “iPad Retina” Then restart the process and run the application on simulator device of his/her choice. By default iPhone is launched. (3728052)
  • [iOS] Not able to debug AIR app in iOS Simulator from Flash Builder when Xcode below 5.x is installed (3727760)
  • [iOS7] StageText fontWeight/fontPosture API does not work (3724627)
  • [Android] R$Styleable.class goes missing from the final AIR app APK though is included in ANE. (3723876)
  • [Android] Starling throws Buffer creation failed. Internal error while createVertexBuffer (3756123)
  • [Win] Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V now work correctly in StageText fields (3708480)
  • Multiple security and stability fixes

Flash Player Bugs

  • PPAPI Debugger Preview – Multiple Stability Fixes (3720385, 3720431, 3720925)
  • TextField.getFontList() and Font.enumerateFonts() now return 0 in Private Browsing Mode (3720929)
  • Font.enumerateFonts now returns an alphabetically sorted list (3720932)
  • Resolves an issue introduced in Flash Player 11.10 and AIR SDK > 13 where attached connected game controllers were not detected at launch (3752605)
  • Hardware Decoding support is now enabled for Intel Baytrail hardware (3752291)
  • [Chrome] Resolves an issue where some render textures could not be displayed with Chrome and D3DX11 (3743626)
  • [Chrome] Angry Birds on Facebook now works as expected (3761933)
  • [Chrome] Flash Player will not load a SWF if Content-Type-Options: nosniff is specified and the Content-Type header does not match (3712045, Chromium 172918)
  • [HTTP Live Streaming] The value of AudioTrack.isDefault is now returned correctly (3761057)
  • [HTTP Live Streaming] The value of is now returned correctly after AUDIO_UPDATE events (3767714)
  • [Mac] Fixes a memory leak encountered during video and Stage3D playback (3738368)
  • [Win] Resolves a video playback issue that was introduced in 11.9.900.166 that caused a small number of H.264 streams to not play (3735300)
  • [Win] IME – Corrects an issue where words were duplicated in the candidate window on third-party bottom line IMEs (3721064)
  • [Win8.1 ARM] Farmville2 – The maximum number of Stage3D instances allowed on Win8.x ARM devices has been increased from one to four (3732718, MSFT 607382)
  • [Win8.1 x64] The Windows Narrator tool now recognizes Flash Player objects embedded in web pages (3618169, MSFT 458063)
  • [Win8.1] Reduces power consumption during video playback in portrait orientation (3699152)
  • [Win8.1] Improves performance of video blotting on DirectX 11 systems in portrait mode (3748772)
  • [Win8.1] Video from built-in cameras now rotates as expected when the device changes from landscape to portrait mode (3722322, MSFT 611601)
  • [Win8.1] now correctly sets the provided color after a page refresh (3729475, MSFT 508518)
  • [Win8.1] HTTP Live Streaming – Resolves an issue where encrypted video playback would hang intermittently (3710245)[Win8.x] the [Tab] key now works as expected in Full-Screen mode (3719314)
  • [Win8.x] Resolves a stability issue for standalone applications that use Flash Player in an embedded Internet Explorer instance (3763486)
  • [Win8.x] StandAlone Player – Exiting FullScreen mode now works as expected (3730508)
  • [Win8.x] Flash Player will now gracefully recover from a graphics driver reset (3752447, MSFT 346563)
  • [Win8.x] Resolves a stability issue with HTTP Live Streaming (3758254)
  • [Win][Networking] Set default network request timeout to 5 seconds. Added new configuration property “NetworkRequestTimeout” which can be set in configuration files.
  • Multiple security and stability fixes

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Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8
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