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Snapchat redesigns the redesign to keep users

Well, that did not last long. After it was more than clear that the redesign of Snapchat did not appeal at the end of last year, the company initially did not want to know about an adjustment and it was up to the users. They have come back from that and now the re-redesign announced earlier is a fact. Users of the iOS app can use the new form of Snapchat with a bit of luck, because Snap says that ‘the majority’ of the users should have the update.

With this new version of the social media app, all stories, both those of well-known people and those of your friends, are united on one page, and snaps and chats can also be viewed in chronological order. When you open the app you immediately get the camera image and you can swipe left to see the posts of your friends.

Celebrity subscription

In addition, a separate subscriptions feed has been added, which lets you easily search for well-known and popular creators and publishers. This way Snap can combine the commercial aspect of the app with the silliness of your friends and – not unimportantly – you will soon find everything. This whole saga is a nice case for taking the wishes of your users when you talk about design.

Snap has terribly underestimated from the start how terribly awful many of their users (Millennials first, as according to research ) found the design. Look at the graph above and see the rating for Snapchat among 18-34 year olds making a pike dive after the redesign. Undoubtedly, the company also felt in the number of users and number of posts that they were losing their target group and so it is only to be hoped that they did not have to wait too long to repair the service. And now hope that Kylie Jenner is also satisfied.

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