Snap introduces Pixy drone with 12-megapixel camera for $229

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Snap has introduced a new drone, the Pixy. The device weighs 110 grams, contains a 12-megapixel camera for recording, 16GB of storage and a removable battery that allows users to take five to eight flights via the four standard flight modes.

The dimensions of the Pixy drone are 131.7x106x17.6mm. The device, including the battery, weighs according to Snap 101 grams. Recordings are standard in 2.7K and that with a frame rate of 30 fps, but without sound. Photos can be taken with a 12-megapixel camera. The drone contains a second camera. It is directed downwards and is only for safe landing.

The drone does not contain image stabilization via a gimble and has no remote control. The Pixy does have a dial that allows you to switch between four different flight modes, Hover, Reveal, Follow and Orbit. The user can start a recording by turning on the drone and placing it on his or her palm, with the camera module facing the user’s face. Then the user has to press start and the drone will execute the chosen flight mode.

Each device comes with an included removable battery, including a USB-C cable for charging. Snap doesn’t give details on battery capacity, but says the cells can be charged to 80 percent in 20 minutes if a standard adapter is used. It takes 40 minutes to fully charge the battery. According to the company, users can take five to eight flights through the standard flight modes.

The drone has 16GB of storage space on board, which is good for 100 videos or 1000 photos, according to Snap. The footage can be found in the Snapchat app, in the Memories section. There the videos can be shared or edited. Snap has developed filters for use with the Pixy’s footage.

Snap is currently only releasing its Pixy drone in the United States and France, starting at $229. It is not clear why France was just selected. It is not known when the drone will also be available in other countries. In addition to the drone and a case, the standard equipment also includes a rubber bumper, carrying strap and USB-C cable. A separate battery costs $20.

Snap Pixy

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