Slight curvature in the iPad Pro housing is normal, according to Apple

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Apple states that new iPad Pros may have a slight curvature in the housing and that this is not a defect. It is caused by the manufacturing process, according to the company, and is said to have no negative impact or worsen over time.

The iPad Pro manufacturer tells The Verge that. The website communicated with Apple about the issue after users reported a slight curvature in their new iPad Pro. According to users, this curvature was already there when purchased, or it arose spontaneously after some time, without pressure being exerted on the housing. The author also experienced this himself.

The Verge had Apple look at an iPad Pro 11″ that had a slight curvature in the housing straight out of the box. The manufacturer judged this to be normal and states that it is a side effect of the production method. It is said to be caused by the cooling of the housing if the metal is combined with plastic components. It can occur on both the 11″ and 12.9″ versions of the new iPad Pro. The 4g version would suffer more because it has a plastic antenna line has at the back.

By saying that the curvature in the case is normal, Apple does not see this as a defect or as a reason to exchange or repair the iPad Pros. The company says that criticism of the housing is unjustified and stands behind the product.

YouTuber JerryRigEverything previously showed in a video that the new iPad Pro is very easy to break. However, this requires exerting force that does not occur during normal use. That is independent of the slight curvature that according to Apple is normal. In 2014, Apple had a similar problem with the housing of the iPhone 6. At that bendgate, the manufacturer also denied that the product was faulty, but eventually adjustments were made in the production process.

IPad Pro 11″ that has a slight curve straight out of the box – Photo: The Verge

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