Photo shows prototypes of possible new OnePlus smartphone with Lumia 1020 design

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A photo has emerged of prototypes of a possible new OnePlus smartphone. The photo shows a device with a round camera island on the back, similar to that of the Nokia Lumia 1020 from 2013. Nothing else is known about the phone.

Twitterer Ishan Agarwal posted the photo without saying where he got it from. The text on the screen is in Chinese and is difficult to decipher due to the relatively low resolution of the photo. There is a render on the screen and two devices can be seen in the photo. The design doesn’t quite match, because the white version seems to have slightly different rounded corners and the red prototype has the camera a little further up than the white. While the back seems to match that of the Nokia Lumia 1020, the camera doesn’t seem to stick out much from the rest of the case.

It is unknown which device it is. OnePlus plans to release a 5G phone in a new series next year, in addition to a suspected OnePlus 7. This makes it look like two smartphones will already be released in the next six months.

The photo seems authentic. One of the people in the photo is a co-founder of OnePlus. In addition, the photo was probably taken at the manufacturer’s headquarters in Shenzhen, China. The pattern of obscuration on the glass matches that of a shot of meeting rooms in a recent video by MrWhoseTheBoss, who visited OnePlus’ headquarters in October. The desks that can be seen behind the glass in the photos also have the same color scheme as in the video.

It is probably an intentional leak. The person who took the photo will be easy to identify for people within OnePlus, while the information on the screen and the location of the devices on the table don’t give much away. Someone who deliberately wants to leak information could have taken a better photo. OnePlus has tried more unconventional ways in recent years to get early attention to its products.

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