Segway launches electric rolling shoes!

Segway releases electric rolling shoes! Or well, shoes are not real, rather two platforms with wheels underneath where you can stand. Take a hoverboard, split it in two and put each part under your foot. Something like that, it seems. But it is cool!

Segway e-skates

The ‘roller shoes’ are called Segway Drift W1s. The details are only just known. You can wager $ 399 per pair, not a bargain. Probably they will be available from August. You get a helmet for free, that again. You may need it very much.

Is this safe? We expect that, because Segway’s self-balancing technology has been proven and developed from more than 800 patents. The wheels are designed so that they provide stability and are easy to steer. They are also easy to carry, because of the small and light size.

In the video it all looks very smooth in any case: