Scythe Announces Ninja 5 Processor Cooler With Two Fans

Scythe has announced the fifth generation of its Ninja CPU coolers. The manufacturer bundles the CPU cooler with two Kaze Flex 120 pwm fans, where the predecessor only had a single fan.

The Kaze Flex 120 pwm fans are placed on either side of the cooling tower, with one “pushing” air into the heatsink and the second “pulling” the air out. Scythe therefore speaks of a push-pull principle. Since the fans rotate at 300 to a maximum of 800rpm, the noise level would be low, up to 14.5dBA.

Scythe has shortened the bottom six layers of the heatsink’s cooling fins, so that it can also be placed with ram modules that can now be up to 55mm high. Six copper heat pipes also run through the nickel-plated copper base. The manufacturer supplies the cooler with its third-generation Hyper Precision Mounting System. This should make it easy to fit in combination with Intel sockets from LGA 775 and AMD sockets from AM2.

Scythe starts immediately with the delivery of the Ninja 5, for a suggested retail price of 54 euros. In addition to the Kaze Flex 120 pwm fans, the company includes mounting clips, a screwdriver, thermal paste and a pwm-y adapter.