Screenshots show Google app to copy data from iPhone to Android device

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Screenshots show Switch To Android, an app from Google for iPhone users who want to switch to an Android device. The app is in the App Store, but is not yet available.

the app is not quite ready yet, reports 9to5Google. It is not yet possible to generate the QR code required to establish the connection on an Android phone. This is done via WiFi Direct and a hotspot. The interface warns that the phone can only transfer locally stored photos and videos over that connection. In a later step, it is possible to transfer videos and photos from iCloud to Google Photos.

The app also warns users to turn off iMessage, otherwise text messages on Android will not arrive. It is still unknown when Google will release the app. Next month, Google will hold its developer conference I/O, at which it often announces new features and apps. A app from Apple to move from an Android phone to an iPhone has been around for some time.

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