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Scientists administer Meth to artificial brain

An artificial brain, researchers know what to do with it. Administer Meth and see what happens. This was done by researchers at Harvard. They did not do this just like that. By administering the drugs, they learned interesting details about the brain …

Artificial brain

The researchers wanted to test chip technology with the artificial brain. One of the most complex things of the brain is blood and oxygen that goes through the vessels to the brain and waste that goes back. The blood fibers protect the brain. The question was how difficult it is to get drugs through the blood fibers. On several chips they have mimicked a model of the blood fibers and the brain. One of the chips with blood fibers on it represented good substances that went to the brain. The other chip was precisely for waste products that came from the brain.


Meth was used to test what it did in the brain. The chip with blood fibers leaked. Some of the drugs came through the barrier. There it connected to neurons. These are also the effects of the drug in a real brain.

Chip technology

With chip technology, the effects of drugs on the brain can be investigated. In this way cells can also be placed on the chips in diseases such as Alzheimer’s and traumas, after which further research can be carried out. Researchers can then, for example, find out exactly what drugs do in brains with disorders.

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