Sci-Fi Horror-themed Action RPG Dolmen Coming to Consoles and PC on May 20

Dolmen from Brazilian developer Massive Game Works will be released on May 20 on Steam and for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The $40 game is an action RPG with sci-fi and horror themes.

Dolmen is set on the hostile alien world Revion Prime. There, players must collect crystals, the so-called Dolmen, which enable ‘interaction within different realities’. Players get stronger after every battle, writes the developer on Steam.

The creators promise a comprehensive combat system with varied weapons and attacks. Players have to keep a close eye on their energy. It is used for ranged weapons and for activating Energy Mode, in which sidearms gain elemental status effects to attack enemy weaknesses.

According to the developers, the game features “horrific bosses” that put players’ skills to the test. Dolmen was developed by Massive Game Works, which is based in Brazil. The game is published by Prime Matter, a Koch Media label. The game will be released on May 20 on Steam and for current and previous generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles for a suggested retail price of $40.