Samsung will release a series of budget smartphones with large batteries in two weeks

Samsung will release a new series of budget smartphones from the end of January. These cheapest models will be released first in India and will focus on large batteries and fast charging, among other things.

The prices of the smartphones will run from 10,000 to 20,000 Indian rupees, currently about 125 to 250 euros, Reuters reports based on an interview with a top executive of Samsung India. The South Korean electronics maker does not yet want to mention specs of the new devices. The devices are given the series name Galaxy M, for example Galaxy M20.

With the budget smartphones, Samsung wants to compete with various series of budget smartphones from competitors, such as Redmi from Xiaomi, Honor from Huawei and Realme from Oppo. The manufacturer will only sell the M phones on its own website and on, just like many of its competitors do.

According to the CEO, the Galaxy M phones are aimed at a young target group, with functions such as a large battery and fast charging. Previous rumors also indicate that the devices will have a screen with a notch at the top, something that Samsung has not put in smartphones before. According to those rumors, the M20 will have a 5000mAh battery.

If Samsung wants to release the devices at the end of January, an announcement will probably follow soon. Samsung released its cheapest phones to date in the Galaxy J series. After the release in India, the Galaxy M phones will be released in other countries. Whether that will also be in the Benelux is unknown for the time being.