Samsung stops encryption app My Knox

Samsung has announced that it will stop offering My Knox, an app that can protect certain data and protect it from personal data. For users who have at least Android 7.0, there is an alternative.

The Korean manufacturer has informed My Knox users by email of the decision to discontinue My Knox. New Samsung devices released this year will no longer be able to use My Knox. That doesn’t mean that existing users can keep My Knox; Samsung plans to announce the date on when the software will stop working in the near future.

Samsung smartphone users running on Android N, version number 7.0, are advised to switch to Secure Folder; an alternative application with similar functionality. It is possible to transfer data stored via My Knox to Secure Folder, according to Samsung.

My Knox is a security application mainly intended for smartphone users who also want to use their device for business applications. A locked-down environment is created in which business data is stored encrypted and locked from personal data. Incidentally, Samsung will continue with the almost eponymous Knox; a security framework that Secure Folder also uses, among others.