Samsung confirms that Galaxy Fold will not be released before July

Samsung denies that it will release the Galaxy Fold next month. According to a spokesperson, no progress has been made since the delay was announced in April. It is unclear when the Galaxy Fold should be released.

The Korea Herald reports this based on conversations with a Samsung official. The statements contradict previous claims about a release in July. For example, a high-ranking employee at Samsung had indicated that the Galaxy Fold should be released in July, but according to the official with whom The Korea Herald spoke, that is not the case.

For a release next month, all kinds of preparations should already have been made, such as a media strategy. However, there have been no internal developments since the company announced a later release of the Galaxy Fold, which has ruled out a release in July. When it will be released is still unknown.

Recent reports indicate that there is still no solution within Samsung for the problems with the Galaxy Fold. In April, the company announced that the release was being delayed after multiple reviewers found problems with the screen. Then Samsung indicated that it would announce a new release date within a few weeks, but nothing has come of it yet.

Competitor Huawei will also release its foldable smartphone later. The company recently said it will conduct more testing before launching the Mate X. Precautions would be taken in response to the issues with the Galaxy Fold.