Ryzen Mobile with Vega 8 performs between Intel UHD 620 and Nvidia MX150

The integrated Vega 8 video chip of the AMD Ryzen 5 2500U outperforms the Intel UHD 620-igp, but has to lose out to the separate GeForce MX150 video chip for Nvidia laptops. The HP Envy x360 15z with the Ryzen processor has Freesync support.

Details about the HP Envy x360 with Ryzen Mobile processor already appeared in mid-October and AMD announced the processor generation at the end of October, but the first reviews of the Ryzen 5 2500U were waiting. Hot Hardware got their hands on the laptop and benchmarked the processor.

This shows that the processor at 3DMark Cloud Gate scores 11,564 points, compared to 13,819 points for the Acer Swift 3 with Core i5-8250U and GeForce MX150, and 8751 points for the Dell XPS 13 with Core i7-8550U and Intel UHD 620. Also at 3DMark Sky Diver gives the Ryzen 5 2500U with Vega 8 to the MX150, but the Ryzen chip scores more points than a Core i7-7500U with GeForce MX940.

In Far Cry 2 at 1080p with high settings, but without AA, the HP Envy x360 with AMD processor achieves 58.71fps, where the Acer Swift 3 with GeForce MX150 achieves 99.2fps. The Ryzen processor is a lot better for gaming than the Intel UHD 620, which doesn’t go beyond 34.49fps. The battery life of the HP laptop is not too good; the machine will not go beyond 278 minutes when playing 1080p video.

The Ryzen 5 has the Vega 8 on board, while the other Ryzen Mobile processor, the Ryzen 7 2700U, has the Vega 10 with more stream processors.

Ryzen 5 2500U Ryzen 7 2700U

cores/threads 4/8 4/8
Clock frequency 2.0GHz 2.2GHz
Turbo Frequency 3.6GHz 3.8GHz
GPU 8CU (512 stream processors) 10CU (640 stream processors)
gpu clock Up to 1100MHz Up to 1300MHz
tdp 9 to 25W 9 to 25W

What Hot Hardware doesn’t report, but a user on Reddit does, is that the HP Envy x360 with AMD processor supports FreeSync. He discovered this after an update of the laptop’s bios. The Envy’s screen can switch between refresh rates from 40 to 60Hz, with the synchronization with the GPU should lead to less stuttering and tearing of images, while FreeSync should also save some energy.