Rumour: Insta360 X3-360-degree camera gets better sensor and rectangular screen

The successor to the Insta360 One X2 is called Insta360 X3 and will have a larger, rectangular screen. That reports WinFuture. When filming with a single camera, the actioncam can also record in 4k. Insta360 is likely to unveil the 360-degree camera on Thursday.

Where the Insta360 One X2 still has a circular screen, the X3 gets according to WinFuture a rectangular 2.29″ screen. This screen is also brighter than the screen of the One X2. Like its predecessor, the X3 gets two cameras on the front and back of the housing, although they are different camera sensors than on the One X2, the X3 gets a combined resolution of 72 megapixels, more than the One X2.

In 360-degree mode, the X3 can still record at a resolution of 5.7k, but when using one camera, that resolution is greater, according to WinFuture. That will be 4k, while with the One X2 1440p is the maximum achievable. Time-lapse videos should be possible in 8k.

Furthermore, the X3 gets extra buttons and a loop mode where old files on the SD card can be overwritten. The camera should also be given a ‘pre-recorder’ mode, where pressing the camera button also saves the 15 to 30 seconds before that. Furthermore, according to the German medium, the voice control will receive a new algorithm that should make it work faster and sending files to the app via WLAN should be 50 percent faster. Insta360 would like to present the X3 on Thursday and give a suggested retail price of 540 euros.