Rumor: Windows 8.2 is coming in September and Microsoft is working on Windows Cloud

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Microsoft plans to release Windows 8.2, which, among other things, will reintroduce an expanded Start menu, in September, claims the man behind the Russian site Wzor, which has more often correctly reported details about Windows early. Microsoft is also said to be working on Windows Cloud.

Internally, there would still be a discussion within Microsoft whether the upcoming update of Windows 8 should be released under the name Windows 8.1 Update 2 or Windows 8.2, claims Wzor. The update should come in September and bring the start menu to the OS as seen at the last Build meeting.

That Start menu is a combination of the classic menu of earlier Windows versions and a Live Tiles menu of the Start screen that was introduced with Windows 8. Also during Build, Microsoft showed the window view of modern Windows apps within the traditional desktop environment. That feature will probably also be available in September.

WinBeta also infers from Wzor’s translated text that Windows 9 will include a new generation of the Modern UI interface, with a new type of home button for non-touch screen systems. Touchscreen systems would include a different type of home button. There are also plans to make Windows 9 free. However, many details about the changes that Windows 9 will bring are not yet available.

Finally, there are rumors about the arrival of Windows Cloud. This should be a variant of Windows on which much of the functionality of Internet access depends and which should be offered on a subscription basis. Offline functionality would be severely limited. Microsoft would experiment with prototype devices that can download Windows Cloud, with support already present in the bios, Wzor’s text seems to suggest.

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