Rumor: Sport version Apple Watch will be called Pro

Apple is going to label the unannounced sports version of the Apple Watch ‘Pro’, Bloomberg writes. The news agency claims that Apple chooses this label because the watch is equipped with a more robust screen and it falls in a more expensive price range.

Because the robust Apple Watch is aimed, among other things, at ‘extreme sports enthusiasts’, Bloomberg expects that Apple will probably go for the name Apple Watch Pro. “Apple has already touted the durability of current watches, so it’s a sales strategy that it believes will appeal to consumers,” the financial news agency said.

Apple Watch Nike Series 7

Bloomberg wrote last week about the possible specifications of the new Apple Watch. The screen will have a size of almost 2″ and a resolution of 410×502 pixels. That is slightly higher than the 394×484 pixels of the Watch Series 7 and is expected to also be the large version of the regular Watch Series 8. smartwatch will show additional fitness data, claims Bloomberg.

The screen would be made of reinforced glass to prevent the display from breaking. In addition, the larger battery should enable longer workouts. It is not clear how much capacity that battery has. Apple has not yet announced the new smartwatch itself. He is expected to be unveiled in September.