Rumor: Sony doubts PS5 will ever come

Sony reportedly doubts whether there will ever be a PlayStation 5. Sony director Shuhei Yoshida is said to have said this during a private dinner. There have been rumors for some time about a ‘PS 4.5’ that should be released this year.

Game developer Lorne Lanning, known for the Oddworld game series, mentions the conversation with Yoshida in an episode of the Game Informer Show. From Lanning’s description, it appears to be a pre-interview for an interview with Yoshida on stage at DICE 2015, which was scheduled to take place a few days later.

When asked by Lanning about what the PS5 would look like, Yoshida said, according to the game developer. “It’s a if.” According to Lanning, he also wanted to give that answer on stage, but Lanning ultimately did not ask Yoshida the question during the interview on stage.

According to the developer of the Oddworld games, Yoshida hinted, without giving a clear answer, that Sony should be more ‘agile’ in developing consoles and that seven years is too long for a console generation.

This conversation is said to have taken place last year, way before the rumors of a PS 4.5. The upgraded version of the console should be released this year.