Samsung announces 990 Pro without PCIe 5.0 . support

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Samsung has announced the 990 Pro SSDs. Contrary to a previous inspection, the drives do not appear to have support for PCI Express 5.0, but version 4.0. There will be variants of 1TB and 2TB this fall; a 4TB version will be released next year.

Samsung 990 Pro

Samsung says that the 990 Pro will come in variants with and without heatsink. The version with heatsink also adds RGB LEDs to the housing. Samsung claims that the SSDs can write sequentially with a speed of up to 6900MB/s, while reading with a maximum of 7450MB/s. Random writes and reads go with 1400k and 1550k IOPS, which is about half better than the 980 Pro.

The PCI-SIG approval indicated that the 990 Pro would have PCIe 5.0 support, but that doesn’t seem to be the case now. It is unknown why this is so. With PCIe 5.0 support, the SSD speeds could be up to twice as high. Samsung already has a server SSD with PCIe 5.0 support, but no consumer product yet. The 1TB and 2TB versions will be released in October for $170 and $309. The 4TB variant will come next year, but no suggested retail price is known.

Samsung 990 Pro SSDs

Form factor (mm)



PCIe Gen4, NVMe 2.0





drama 1GB lpddr4 2GB lpddr4 4GB lpddr4

Sequential Read (MB/s)


Sequential Write (MB/s)


Random Read (IOPS)


Random Write (IOPS)


Endurance (TBW)




Price and release October, 190 euros October, 360 euros Next year, price unknown
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