Rumor: Samsung makes selling processors to competitors ‘top priority’

Samsung is making selling its Exynos processors to other companies a “top priority” this year. Although other manufacturers have been able to buy Exynos socks for years, Samsung has mainly used them themselves until now.

Samsung’s socs have been used in Chinese devices such as the Newman N2, but competitors such as LG, HTC and Sony have never used Samsung’s Exynos socs. The socs were in many devices from Samsung itself, from the first Galaxy S to the recently presented Galaxy Note 3 Neo and the Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 tablet.

Now the manufacturer wants to bring its socs to the attention of competitors, in order to boost sales of its own chips, ZDNet reports on the basis of ‘local sources’. It would even be a ‘top priority’ for the manufacturer. How that should be done and which processors other manufacturers are allowed to use is unknown. Samsung would like to use its own octacore processor for its upcoming Galaxy S5, which the manufacturer is likely to present in two weeks.

Samsung would have already increased the production of its processors, partly because it will release a few tablets with its own socs in the coming months, such as the NotePRO 12.2 and the TabPRO line of tablets. Although there are 4g versions with Qualcomm processors, the other variants have an Exynos soc on board. With the Note 3 Neo, it’s the other way around; the 4g version has a hexacore soc from samsung itself.

Exynos 5250 in a Chromebook. Photo: Anandtech