Okam Studio makes Godot Game Engine open source

The Godot Game Engine, which has been in development at Argentine Okam Studio for more than a decade, is now open source under an MIT license. This offers interested parties the opportunity to develop their own game for a wide selection of platforms.

The Godot Engine is currently used for mobile games such as Running Nose and Foosball. The developers have made sure that their editor works on Linux and OS X as well as Windows. Projects can be developed with the software for consoles, handhelds, mobile devices, PCs and Macs. In terms of functions and appearance, the engine is reminiscent of Unity. Godot includes support for 2d and 3d physics, OpenGL ES 2.0 and an optional simplified programming language for shaders and post-processing effects.

Okam Studio announces the news through the gamedev.net forum. There, the studio makes it clear that it is not a ‘engine made by hobbyists’: “This is a tool that has been used in the past to make many games for PCs, consoles and mobile devices.” There is not much documentation yet and at the moment the engine and its tools are in beta. The source can be found on github.

Okam Studio is making a game called Project Carnival with the engine in collaboration with Square Enix, Joystiq reports.