Rumor: Samsung makes Galaxy A33 resistant to water and dust

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Samsung would like to make more of its Galaxy A phones resistant to water and dust from next year. That should set them apart from similarly priced competitor models. The Galaxy A33, among others, would receive an IP rating, where the A32 does not.

These include the Galaxy A33, A53 and A73 that should receive an IP rating for dust and water resistance, reports The Elec. The A52 and A72 that came out this year already have IP67 certification for water and dust resistance. Cheaper models from the A-series do not. The South Korean site has a mixed track record of upcoming smartphone rumors. The site relies on its own sources about the upcoming phones.

Samsung makes the phones water and dust resistant with a membrane over the speaker holes and silicone seals around other points where water and dust can enter the case, such as around the charging port. These are common techniques for making smartphones waterproof and dustproof.

With the move, Samsung wants to distinguish its cheaper smartphones from the competition from brands such as Xiaomi and OPPO. The A32 now costs between 250 and 300 euros, while the A52 series has prices between 300 and 400 euros. Samsung has not announced the new phones and is expected to do so in the first half of next year.

The IP certification is a relatively expensive addition to a smartphone. Exact prices are unknown, but thanks to the design changes and the required testing, it adds an amount to the price of a phone per phone. OnePlus said a few years ago that the amount was around $40, but Samsung reportedly has much higher sales than OnePlus phones with its Galaxy A series, reducing the cost per phone. The Galaxy A series is Samsung’s most popular line of smartphones. The A50 series has been one of the best-selling phones in the world for years.

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