Rumor: Oppo technology minimizes screen bezels through projection

Oppo has tried to patent a technology to make screen edges thinner, according to a telecom site. The conventional display projects the images from the screen over a larger area than the screen itself, creating the illusion that the screen is larger.

With the technology, Chinese smartphone maker Oppo places a conventional display with a layer with a curve at the end over it to refract the light from the screen towards the user. This makes it appear as if the screen is closer to the edge than it actually is. The patent application is not publicly available online, but GSMArena has published details.

One of the big challenges in shrinking the bezels around screens is how to provide enough space for the hardware needed to drive the screen. It is unknown if the screen quality suffers from this solution.

Oppo released its latest devices last year with the Find 7 and N3. It is not yet known when it will present its new models for 2015.