Rumor: Nintendo will release new Switch version next year

Nintendo is reportedly planning to upgrade its Switch console next year and release a new batch of games for the game console. The Japanese manufacturer would consider providing the Switch with more computing power and 4k display.

Nintendo has ‘looked’ to provide the updated Switch with a more powerful processor and 4k display, according to Bloomberg, while Taiwan’s Economic Daily News is talking about ‘better image quality’ for a new Switch. According to that site, the release should take place in early 2021.

Nintendo would like to counterbalance Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series consoles with the release of a new version. According to Bloomberg, there will be a new gameline-up to help with the increased competition from the arrival of the next-gen consoles.

Nintendo released the Switch Lite last year and the manufacturer also gave the original Switch an overhaul, with a more efficient variant of the Tegra X1 processor and different nand memory. The company previously announced that at least no new Switch models are to be expected this year. It is unclear which processor should get a more powerful Switch next year. Nvidia announced the Tegra X1 in 2015, and last year the company gave its own Shield TV products an X1 + soc with higher clock speeds. Nvidia has successively announced the Tegra X2, Xavier and Orin since 2015.