Rumor: Google will release midrange smartphone with Snapdragon 710 next year

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Google seems to be planning to release a phone equipped with the Snapdragon 710-soc in early 2019. It could be a mid-range model in a comparable price range as the old Nexus devices.

The rumor was shared by journalist Roland Quandt, who told about it on his Twitter page. He can only share that it is about a mobile device with a Snapdragon 710 chip and that it should be on the market in the first half of 2019.

Quandt speculates that it is a mid-range phone in the Pixel line. This may bring another device in the price range of the Nexus phones. The Nexus 6 and 6P cost about $650 when they came out, but the 5 and 5X were available for less than $500. The Pixel phones, however, quickly cost about 900 euros.

It is remarkable that the phone would be released in the first half of 2019. The last few phones that Google released have all appeared in the fall. This phone may not be presented before the MWC fair of 2019.

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