Rumor: Disney + is getting adult movies and series section

Disney + will eventually have a separate, closed section where mainly films and series that are aimed at adults can be found. That section should stand out from the current, more family-friendly content on the streaming platform.

Including the YouTube account Grace Randolph says to have heard that Disney + will have an adult section where mainly productions from Touchstone and 20th Century Studios will be found. Bill Hunt, a media analyst well versed in the audiovisual sector, confirms the arrival of this separate section based on various sources. The section would become a regular part of Disney +, but it would only be accessible by means of a pin code. Hunt says there will also be a lot of 4k content to be found.

The arrival of more Disney + content aimed specifically at adults is obvious. For example, in March Disney already surveyed some of the subscribers how they would feel about the arrival of more content for adults. Titles such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family and the sci-fi series Firefly were mentioned. In addition, Disney already has a 67 percent stake in Hulu, a platform where there is more room for content that is not described as family-friendly. However, Hulu is only available in the US and Japan; with Disney +, the parent company has a much wider international reach.

Disney received a lot of criticism in the United States earlier this year when it decided to release the series High Fidelity and Love, Victor not on Disney +, but on Hulu. This step was attributed to Disney’s judgment that these titles focus on themes that would not be suitable for families with young children, such as alcohol use and homosexuality.

Disney recently announced during the discussion of its quarterly figures that the Disney + streaming service now has more than 60.5 million subscribers. The company also said it will launch a new international streaming service under the Star brand name next year. That streaming service gets content from companies already owned by Disney, such as ABC Studios, Fox Television, FX, Freeform, 20th Century Studios and Searchlight. It therefore seems obvious that the Star streaming service will mainly be aimed at adults. It is not clear how the rumor about the closed adult section on Disney + is reconciled with the arrival of the new Star streaming service.