Rumor: Apple is working on a set-top box with a camera and speaker with a touchscreen

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Apple is working on two new smart home devices, according to financial news agency Bloomberg. The first is an Apple TV with a speaker and camera inside. Apple would also consider a speaker with a touchscreen such as the Google Nest Hub series.

Current Apple TV, 2018

The development of both products is still in an early phase, Bloomberg reports. Bloomberg’s author Mark Gurman has an excellent track record of information about unannounced Apple products in recent years. That wording makes it seem like Apple won’t be introducing the products anytime soon.

The Apple TV should also serve as a Homepod speaker and also have a camera for video calling via a connected TV. Just like the Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest Hub, the speaker has a touchscreen and a camera.

Both products should make Apple a more important player in the smart home field. The manufacturer has had smarthome software with Homekit for some time, while Apple TV set-top box, digital assistant Siri and Homepod speaker have been around for years. Competitors such as Google and Amazon have a larger market share with their speakers and smart home software. The employees for Homepod and Apple TV have been on one team since last year, Bloomberg reports. Apple has not responded to the rumor.

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