Microsoft and Google team up to improve YouTube audio in Chromium

Google and Microsoft are working together to improve audio output in Chromium and the Chrome browser in Windows. This is evident from the latest Microsoft feature for Chromium, discovered by the website Windows Latest.

Google and Microsoft are working together to improve audio output for Chromium, they confirmed to the website. There have been reports for some time of people experiencing sound issues when watching YouTube in Chrome on Windows 10 computers. For example, in some cases, they may not be able to listen to videos at full volume on PC speakers. According to Google, there are hundreds of notifications per day.

Google states that there are roughly three problems: users have accidentally muted YouTube, the output device has changed, or there is a problem with Windows 10 drivers, such as drivers for USB sound cards or HDMI monitors with speakers. Teams from YouTube and Microsoft are now working together to find a solution to those driver problems.

Google has made a proposal to work together to fix the bug, an offer accepted by the Microsoft team four days ago. The company says it is already working on a new feature that should solve problems with low volume or mute in Chromium browsers. This is a feature that allows the Chromium and Windows 10 volume mixers to be better tuned to each other.