Rts game Iron Harvest will receive its first DLC package in December

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Iron Harvest, the Company of Heroes-esque rts game, will get its first DLC on December 17th. The pack, dubbed the Rusviet Revolution, adds four new maps that can be played in single player and co-op and follow the story of the eponymous revolution.

The dlc will be free for Kickstarter backers and Digital Deluxe Edition owners. In addition to the DLC, the developers come with a new game mode called Drop Zone. In it, players must compete for supplies that are dropped from the sky at different locations. Whoever manages to get the most supplies wins the game. The dev also announces that there is now a party system in the game, where players can join each other to easily start a game together. The game will also get a new 1v1 multiplayer map called Dark Forest.

Iron Harvest started as a Kickstarter game in 2018. The campaign reached its initial goal of $ 450,000 in 36 hours. In the weeks that followed, that counter tipped to a final figure of $ 1.3 million. The release version of the game came out on September 1. The game itself normally costs 49.99 euros and the dlc will cost 3.99 euros.

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