Roguelike Dead Cells gets new DLC: The Queen and the Sea

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Indie developer Motion Twin is once again releasing DLC ​​for its roguelike Dead Cells. In this expansion, players can face new enemies in sea-themed levels, including shipwrecks and lighthouses.

Dead Cells came out in 2018 for PC and consoles and has since received three DLC with new levels, weapons and enemies. With The Queen and the Sea, Motion Twin adds a fourth expansion to this list.

The platformer received critical acclaim upon release for combining gameplay typical of 2D action games like Metroid and Castelvania with roguelike elements. Levels are regenerated every time, making each play session different. In addition, when the player dies, the play session is over and must start from the beginning.

The Queen and the Sea DLC will be released on PC and consoles in Q1 2022. It is not yet known when the DLC will also come to the versions on iOS and Android. The previous DLC was brought to mobile devices with some delay. The DLC costs €4.99.

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