Google releases stable Android TV 12 version for developers

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Google has released the first stable version of Android 12 for both Android TV OS and Google TV. For now, Android 12 is only available to developers. This new Android version includes 4k support and refresh rate switching.

Now that Android 12 has been officially released, developers can start building and testing apps to make them compatible with the latest Android version of Google TV, Google writes on its Android Developers blog. A total of four developer betas were released in the past year. The last of these dates back to August. Just like those Android 12 versions, this stable version is only available for the ATD-3 developer device for the time being. It is unknown when Android TV 12 will be available to consumers.

Android TV 12 includes a number of new features compared to Android TV 11. It gets a native 4k interface and automatic refresh rate switching to counteract motion vibration. It also adds the privacy and security options of the Android 12 phones, supports HDMI CEC 2.0 and includes the UI background blur.

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