Rockstar Postpones Definitive Edition GTA Trilogy Physical Release

Rockstar has announced that it will delay the physical release of the GTA remasters. The physical release is now scheduled for December 17th. The Switch will have to wait even longer and will receive a physical release in 2022.

Rockstar announces on Twitter that the physical release is for the GTA trilogy postponed to December 17 for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. The Switch version is being postponed to next year. No separate version for the PlayStation 5 has been announced. For this console, players can purchase the digital edition or the PlayStation 4 version when it comes out. The PlayStation 4 version also works on Sony’s new console.

The games have been available digitally since November 11, but had many problems. The games are full of bugs and graphical imperfections. Several patches have since been released to resolve some of these issues.

The physical version of the game was announced for December 7, but is now set to take place on December 17. The Switch version should appear “early 2022,” according to Rockstar. A reason for the delay of the physical release is not mentioned, but the problems with the game are probably related to the delay.

After the release on November 11, the original versions of the three games disappeared from Rockstar’s online store and only the new remasters could be purchased. Rockstar was criticized for this decision, especially since the new versions contain many errors. Rockstar has since reversed this and made the original versions available again.

Rockstar was forced to apologize for the state in which the games were released. Both the GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City and GTA 3 remasters contained bugs at release. Rockstar has promised improvements for the games.