Dreams game creation tool gets an update with new UI and templates

The PlayStation 4 game Dreams, which allows players to design their own games, has received a substantial update. The game creation mode UI has been overhauled and genre templates have been added. The developer is also releasing a new Dreams game.

According to developer Media Molecule, the changes to DreamShaping, the game creation mode, are aimed at new players who find the tool overwhelming. Therefore, the update adds ready-made genre template kits to the tool, for example for designing a 2D platformer or a mini golf game. As a result, new game designers don’t have to start from scratch when creating a game. Currently there are six such kits available. A template kit also comes with specific tutorials for players to follow. According to the developer, the tutorials should feel like games in themselves, including by letting players achieve certain objectives.

The DreamShaping UI is also made clearer. Media Molecule has added a new ‘Start Creating’ screen, with an overview of all templates and the corresponding difficulty levels. In addition, another section highlights popular elements from Dreams creators, which players can then use in their own game. According to Media Molecule, the search for specific ready-made elements should also be easier with new search filters. Finally, a series of help pages have been added with QR codes linking to the corresponding support pages on the site.

Media Molecule has also designed a new game in Dreams, which is also playable via the tool. The game is called Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale and is a third-person dungeon crawler. The game consists of three chapters and can be played solo or with two people in local co-op.