Ring temporarily disables third-party ad trackers

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Ring will temporarily stop collecting user data and using third-party trackers in the app. The company will look for ‘better solutions’ to give users control over their privacy. The company has come under fire in recent weeks.

A company spokesperson confirms the new measures to Engadget. It is a temporary measure, which would last until ‘the beginning of spring’. Ring will stop using “most third-party trackers” in the app and website. They are used to create user advertising profiles. Users can also indicate via an opt-out that they do not want their data to be sent to advertisers. In addition, the company is working on new ways to let users control what data can and cannot be sent to advertisers. This is done through adjustments to the Control Center. Ring does not say how those ways are different from what is already possible.

Ring, which has been part of Amazon since last year, has recently come under frequent fire for its privacy policy. The company works together with police services, who can see where the doorbells are via special dashboards. In January, the American privacy organization EFF discovered that the Ring app contained many ad trackers. As a result, Ring already allowed users to share less data, but those options are now being expanded.

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