Replace MacBook battery: this is how you do it

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By replacing the battery of your MacBook, you can move forward for years. We explain when it is necessary and how to do it.

Breathe new life into your MacBook

If there is one thing that considerably limits the life of your MacBook, it is the battery. After a few years of intensive use, you often see that the capacity has decreased considerably, so that you increasingly have to connect your MacBook to the charger. And that, in turn, causes your battery to deteriorate even faster: a vicious circle.

Over time, if your maximum battery capacity drops below 80%, you often run into other problems. For example, your MacBook may have trouble charging, or your Mac suddenly shuts down while it indicated that the battery is far from empty. This is due to a limitation of current battery technology, and unfortunately we are not yet rid of this problem.

However, that does not mean that you have to throw out a MacBook with a deteriorated battery. You can breathe new life into your MacBook by replacing the battery. And if you’re a bit handy, you can do this yourself.

One battery is not the other

If you choose to replace your MacBook battery yourself, it is important to purchase a good quality battery. However, genuine Apple batteries cannot be purchased separately: they are only supplied to repair points. You can look at ‘counterfeit’ batteries, but you run risks. These batteries often do not meet all European standards, and warranty is usually not included.

Fortunately, there is an alternative from Priemo: MacBook batteries that fully meet European quality standards and have a two-year warranty.

How is my battery doing?

Before you replace your battery, it is good to check the condition of your old battery. It’s very easy to find out what the capacity of your battery is on your iPhone, but it’s a different story for your Mac. You can find out some information by clicking the Apple icon at the top left. Then choose ‘About This Mac>System Overview>Power’.

However, this option is limited to the number of charge cycles and whether the battery condition is ‘normal’ or not. Fortunately, with the coconutBattery program you can find out a lot more about the condition of the battery in your MacBook, and whether it needs to be replaced (soon).

1. Download coconutBattery

You download coconutBattery for free from the official website. Extract the zip file and open the app. A small but nice window will appear with information about your Mac’s battery.

2. Numbers

You can see when the battery was built, what the capacity was and how much you have left. Is the second green bar below 80%? Then consider a new battery. At the top is also the model number: make a note of this so that you buy the correct replacement.

3. But there’s more!

Click on ‘Battery Info’. Here you can see, among other things, the exact age of your battery in days. You can see all coconutBattery measurements via the ‘History’ tab: this way you can keep a close eye on the progress of your battery capacity!

Replace the battery of your MacBook

On these pages we show how to put a new battery from Priemo in a MacBook Pro. Not every MacBook model is the same, and the battery replacement process also varies by model. The newer the MacBook, the more difficult it is usually to remove the original battery. If you would like to see in detail how every screw, cable and chip of your specific MacBook works, online tutorials are a godsend. Finally, no MacBooks were damaged in the making of these instructions, but we accept no liability for damage to your MacBook (or to yourself).

MacBook battery replacement: note!

Replacing your MacBook battery yourself is not without danger. Batteries can catch fire if they are damaged. This risk is especially present when the battery is full: it is therefore best to fully discharge the old battery first. It is also important to have the right tools at home: gloves, safety glasses, and a foam fire extinguisher or bucket of sand to extinguish a battery fire. Finally, the room in which you work must be sufficiently ventilated, especially when using acetone or glue remover to remove the glue under the old battery. Does this scare you? Then we advise you to charge the battery with a (Priemo) repair point.

1. Loosen a screw

Open the case of your MacBook by removing the screws on the bottom with a P5 screwdriver (included with Priemo). Remember which screw is where! A magnetic tray with separate compartments is a solution.

2. Connector Board

You are immediately greeted by a sticker after removing the bottom of your MacBook. Remove the sticker: you will now see the battery connector board. Remove the screws from this until the board is loose. Now gently push the connector board up.

3. Interposer

Time for complicated terms: under the connector board is an ‘interposer’. This connects the battery connector board to the rest of the computer. Carefully lift the interposer and set it aside. The battery is now disconnected from the MacBook.

4. Speakers and Connectors

Carefully disconnect any connectors that run along or across your MacBook’s battery. In our case, these are the connectors of the speakers, SSD and headphone jack. Then unscrew the parts of your MacBook that cover the battery – in our case the speakers – and put them away.

5. Old battery

Unscrew the main part of your battery where possible. The rest of the cells must be pried loose: with a Priemo battery you get a handy tool for this. You can also use glue remover to make the process easier, but don’t get it on other parts.

6. New battery

Lift the old battery and insert the new one. In our case, the original battery had two blocks attached with glue. The replacement must also be glued: with Priemo batteries, the adhesive strips are already attached. Be careful not to damage the new battery.

7. Assembly

Now follow all the steps in reverse order to reassemble your MacBook. When you’re done with this, start up the MacBook without a charger. Only connect your charger when you get a 10% battery warning. This is to properly calibrate the new battery.

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