Reference to Intel Lakefield processor Core i5-L16G7 appears online

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Intel may be naming its Big.Little-designed Lakefield processors with letters and numbers. A reference to the Core i5-L16G7 has appeared on a benchmark site. The Lakefield processors come in foldable PCs, among other things.

The reference to the Intel Core i5-L16G7 can be seen at Userbenchmark and was noticed by Twitter user Tum Apisak. The chip would be in the Samsung 767XCL, a still unknown device. According to the listing, the processor has five cores, a speed of 1.4GHz and a turbo of 1.75GHz. From the naming and the number of cores it can be concluded that it is Intel’s Lakefield chip.

At the beginning of last year, Intel already provided details about the Lakefield generation. This is the manufacturer’s first big.Little design, combining one fast Sunny Cove core with four frugal Tremont cores. The latter cores are based on the Atom architecture. The Sunny Cove core is the same as that in the Ice Lake laptop processors. The speeds mentioned are probably the clock speeds of the Atom cores. After all, the Sunny Cove cores are known to achieve higher speeds.

It is not yet clear whether Core i5-L16G7 is the definitive name for a Lakefield processor. The G7 designation is probably about the integrated GPU. Intel also adds such designations to the Ice Lake processors. With those laptop processors, G7 stands for an Iris Plus GPU with 64 execution units. Whether the same applies to the Lakefield processor is still unknown.

The first devices with Lakefield CPUs should be released later this year. Microsoft has already confirmed that its Surface Neo will receive such a chip. At CES we found Lenovo’s X1 Fold, a PC with a folding OLED screen that also gets a Lakefield processor.

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