Razer releases 7.1 headset Kraken X for 60 euros

Razer has released a Kraken headset with support for virtual 7.1 audio playback. The headphones have a weight of 250 grams. The headset can be ordered directly from the Razer Store for a price of 60 euros.

With a price of 60 euros, the new Razer Kraken X headset is a budget headset as far as headsets with 7.1 display are concerned. Furthermore, the headphones have a weight of 250 grams, a 3.5 mm connection, an adjustable microphone and headband and a cable of 1.3 meters. The headset also has 40mm drivers, oval leatherette ear cups and controls on the outside of the ear cups for muting the microphone or adjusting the volume.

The headphones can be used on PC, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, but virtual 7.1 playback only works with Windows 10. Xbox One owners may need to purchase the Xbox One Stereo Adapter. For console users, Razer has also released the blue Kraken X for Console, but it also doesn’t support 7.1 display. Both headphones can be ordered immediately on the Razer Store for a price of 60 euros.

Razer previously released Kraken headphones for consoles. These headphones are virtually identical to the Kraken X for Consoles, except they have 10mm larger drivers and are slightly heavier. The Kraken also costs twenty euros more than the Kraken X.