Razer Provides New Keyboards With Improved Mechanical Switches

Razer has announced three keyboards in the BlackWidow series that feature improved mechanical switches. The keyboards, which are mainly intended for gamers, are available with two different types of switches.

The accessory manufacturer claims that the attack is optimized for gamers. The mechanical switches have an actuation point of 1.9mm. A normal keyboard with mechanical switches would have an average stroke depth of 2.2mm. The smaller touch depth should result in a higher response speed of the keyboard, especially during gaming. Furthermore, Razer claims that the lifespan of a key is more than 60 million keystrokes. The key of a regular keyboard would last approximately 20 million keystrokes.

The improved mechanical switches are incorporated into the BlackWidow series keyboards, including the regular BlackWidow, the BlackWidow Ultimate and the BlackWidow Tournament Edition. In addition, there are two types of switches; the Green Switch would give a clicking sound and require a slightly firmer touch than keyboards that the Orange Switches have. Furthermore, the Orange Switches would be quieter.