Google: NSA protection is now better

Google’s servers are now better protected against espionage by the NSA and other governments. That is according to CEO Eric Schmidt. Earlier it appeared that the NSA intercepted connections between Google data centers.

Speaking at the South by Southwest technology conference in Texas, CEO Schmidt said he is “pretty confident” that “information within Google is now safe from the prying eyes of governments.” That reports The Next Web. Google previously announced that the fiber connections between data centers would be encrypted from now on; in October it was announced that the Americans and the British were tapping the connections between Google data centers.

In addition to encrypting the connections between data centers, additional measures have been taken, according to Schmidt, but he does not want to say which ones. Incidentally, governments can still turn to Google through legal means to request data from users.

Schmidt further states that encryption can prevent the ‘Balkanization of the Internet’, in which the Internet is divided into several parts. Iran, among others, wants its own internet that is closed off from the outside world. According to Schmidt, encryption can make it impossible for countries to block free communication between citizens.