PUBG Gets Destructible Desert Map and Ices Snow Playfield in

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PUBG Corp has released Season 6 of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and with it some new content, including a desert playing field. At the same time, the snow-covered Vikendi playing field introduced at the beginning of last year has been temporarily removed.

PUBG Corp reports that Update 6.1 is now available on the test servers. The main addition is a new playing field called Karakin. It is a not too large playing field of 2×2 kilometers and should represent an island off the coast of North Africa. The playing field has a desert setting with the necessary rocks and a few villages. Open to up to 64 players, Karakin offers the open terrains of the Miramar map and the fast-paced, shorter-range action that is central to Sanhok jungle playground. To free up capacity for Karakin, Vikendi is temporarily unavailable in public matchmaking. The snow map, which will also be updated, is still available in custom rounds.

The developer has made a few notable innovations to the new playing field. This is the first map in which the Black Zone is introduced. This is a new hazard where buildings are destroyed and reduced to ruins. The intention is that players are forced to leave the safety of houses and buildings behind them. This danger is random; buildings can be completely destroyed, partially destroyed, or left standing completely undamaged. If a siren is heard, players are in the danger zone.

On the left the effect of a sticky bomb and on the right the destruction that Black Zone can cause

Another eye-catching innovation is the addition of throwable sticky bombs. These are only available on Karakin. Certain walls and floors have breaking points. A big hole can be created with a sticky bomb in that spot. For example, it gives attacking players new ways to get into a building or allows players to discover spaces that may contain special loot. Furthermore, the weakest walls in building spaces on Karakin pose a risk to players as bullets pass through them.

Season 6 also introduces a motorized glider to the live servers. Exactly when Karakin will be released on the live servers is unknown.

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