Google Play Store no longer gives notification after updating Android app

Android users will no longer receive a notification from the Google Play Store when they update an app. Users have been reporting the lack of these notifications for some time and Google is now confirming this.

The lack of a Play Store notification for apps that have been updated via the digital app store is not a bug, but a deliberate feature, a Google spokesperson told Android Police. Normally there was a notification to confirm such an update. That is no longer the case, both for automatic and manual updates.

The Google spokesperson did not say why that no longer happens. It is probably an attempt to reduce the number of notifications, partly because Google may have noticed that many immediately deleted those notifications by swiping and therefore little value was attached to them. In the old situation, users who chose the option to update everything immediately were presented with loads of notifications throughout the update process, something that probably also received little appreciation.

Notifications still follow when users install an app, but there are also users who report the lack of notifications when an update is available for an app. It is not clear whether this is also a conscious change from Google.